Don’t set and forget your solar system!



Although solar systems don’t need a lot of maintenance they do need some to make sure that they are producing maximum solar generation.

Your panels:

It is highly recommended that you perform regular cleaning and maintenance of the panels, especially within the warranty scope.

Dust, bat / bird droppings or leaf litter accumulated on panels will reduce the power output.  We would advise that there should be no obstructed object over the panel’s surface at any time.

The cleaning frequency depends on the accumulated frequency of the dust, bat/bird dropping or leaf litter. In many instances the surfaces of the panels will be cleaned with rain. But it is recommended to wipe the glass surface with water and a wet sponge or soft cloth. But please don’t clean the glass with a cleaning agent which contains acid or alkali.

It’s also a good idea to regularly conduct a visual inspection of the panels. Check for defects and report any perceived irregularities.


Your inverter:

Inspect your inverter status regularly, check for error message and every few years much like any other electrical appliance you should also seek and inspection from a qualified accredited solar professional.

Country Solar NT can offer a full inspection, testing and cleaning service.

If you have monitoring  ensure it is still connected and you are receiving reports.


Your PV system may get by without inspection or maintenance, but your investment will be more likely to live up to expectations if it is regularly inspected.



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