Green Companies

Generate clean, renewable green energy for years to come and enhance the energy efficiency of your building!

Installing a Country Solar NT commercial solar PV system at your premises will allow you to generate clean, renewable energy for years to come – well beyond the 25 year warranty period on the panels.

A solar PV system can directly help your business to reduce carbon emissions, as electricity generated by a solar PV system produces no carbon emissions.

While cost is the most significant factor in purchasing, the price of solar power has dropped dramatically over the last 24 months, while electricity prices continue to rise and are set to continously increase in the near future. For many years to come, a solar PV system will reduce your businesse’s electricity bill, allowing your business to become more power independent and to be prepared for the ever rising cost of electricity.

You can generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from a utility provider. If you are paying more than 25c/kWh for your daytime electricity usage, a system sized to your daytime load will generally provide a payback period between 4 and 6 years. In the long term this translates to a huge reduction in your medium to long term operational costs and the electricity you generate is essentially free.

Gain a competitive edge, lead the race and become the “greenest company” on the block to appeal more to your customers and clients.

In a competitive business environment one thing is certain, companies will take advantage of every opportunity to enhance their competitive edge. It is more than likely your competitors will soon be taking advantage of the benefits provided by installing a solar PV system, as the business case for solar is clear and the tangible financial benefits far outweigh the short term installation costs at any scale.

There are many intangible benefits that your company will reap when investing in


a renewable energy source. Consumers are becoming increasingly informed and environmentally responsible and a general change in awareness directly translates into changes in purchasing decisions. Aspects of sustainability and environmental performance are becoming more important and are changing the way business is done. By installing a solar system on your business premises you will be ahead of your competition as you will attract a new segment of customers who are well informed and environmentally conscious. You can be branded as a company that acts environmentally responsible by investing in renewable energies and incorporating aspects of sustainability.

Enhance your brand’s credibility with a stunning visual statement; a company which is leading the way in reducing its carbon footprint and recognises the importance of switching to a renewable source of energy.

A commercial solar system can make an important visual statement to your compan

y’s environmental credentials.

By installing a PV system, your company’s brand will be enhanced with the system visibility in which you will gain the positive effect of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Data monitoring LCD displays can also be located somewhere prominent in your building so staff can recognise the importance of being environmentally responsible.