At Country Solar NT we understand that an investment in a solar PV system can be challenging due to the complexity of solar technology and the outlay of initial installation costs. One of the many advantages of choosing Country Solar NT is that we will guide you through every step of the process. We take care of everything to help you generate clean energy, obtain rebates, become power independent and hedge your business against the rising cost of electricity.

As one of the industry leaders, Country Solar NT ensures you get the most out of your investment in solar PV.

Financial Feasibility Assessment & Site Analysis

Our solar experts will demonstrate the benefits of commercial solar power with a feasibility study for your business, from an initial energy modelling exercise to outlining all of the financial advantages offered by your Solar PV system. We will make all the necessary applicationsCountry Solar NT-137 to your energy providers and organise structural engineering certifications. Our experienced CEC qualified installers will also conduct a site analysis to ensure you maximise your roof space for solar PV while remaining within your budgetary requirements.

Design & Engineering

Our experienced team of in-house accredited system designers and engineers will design a custom solar plan best suited to your premises and your businesses energy requirements. A professionally installed solar PV system on the structure of your business premises has to been designed to last approximately 20 years or more. Country Solar NT only uses reputable products which are tested and are proven to ensure the highest output yield for your investment.


Project Management

Whether for a small business or a large organisation, our attention to detail and experience in project management will ensure a smooth and hassle free installation for your business. You can be ensured that every detail of your installation will be thoroughly planned and coordinated by a dedicated project management team.


We will install and commission your solar system using our experienced teams of Clean Energy Council (CEC) qualified electricians. We take pride in ensuring all quality standards are not only adhered to but exceeded when installing your solar PV system on your roof. Our proven track record means you can be confident of a high quality installation no matter what size or difficulty your project is. Our industry leading solar products ensure the highest performance that gives you peace of mind on the longevity of your system and maximum return on your investment.

Support and MaintenanceCountry Solar NT-43

Our support staff will provide you with ongoing support, as well as continual maintenance of your system to ensure maximum output for the life of the system. We also offer live monitoring of your energy consumption and power output. Your solar installation is a significant investment and we make sure to maximise this investment with ongoing maintenance and live system performance and monitoring.