Solar Lease vs PPA

A solar lease differs from a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) in that you are leasing the equipment, whereas with a PPA, you’re paying for the energy the panels produce.

In a sense, they’re very similar agreements, in that someone else owns and maintains the system, however with a solar lease you retain the asset at the completion of your contract.

In simple terms both allow you to lower monthly electricity bill from a clean, renewable source of energy.


Who can apply for a PPA?

A PPA is for anyone who is looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint and their energy costs. Country Solar NT offers a fast track to renewable, clean energy for rates less than what you currently pay.

Through our Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs, we are able to provide complete, affordable solar energy solutions for commercial, industrial, government, sporting, educational, not for profit and residential premises. All that is required is the authority to place a solar installation on the proposed property and we can take care of the rest.


This equates to no capital cost or risk for you and allows you the economic and enviro

nmental benefits of having a renewable energy system without the associated costs or maintenance.

Contact Country Solar today and we can explain how quickly and efficiently you can be saving on energy costs through renewable energy.

What is Solar Leasing?

With energy rates continuing to rise, NT businesses can expect to pay around 5% m

ore on their power bills from 1st Jan 2015.

The upfront capital cost of installing solar or the cash flow impacts of financing total ins

Intallation costs can delay businesses from investing in solar as capital funds are not always available and it may be necessary to wait until budgets permit.

Through our innovative solar leasing program we can offer your business the ability to finance your solar installation, whilst leaving your existing credit lines intact, effectively via the savings you will generate from your ongoing energy bills.


Our program allows businesses to invest in the benefits of solar power without the upfront costs associated and pay the system back over a set term. The program is fully customisable to your own businesses’ requirement


Country Solar NT can also provide a range of ongoing maintenance and service contracts to give you the peace of mind that your solar system delivers to your bottom line every year. You will also be provided with a quarterly report on how your system has performed.