Feed in Tariffs

The Northern Territory originally started on a Gross Feed in Tariff structure with all of the generated Solar electricity sold to the grid. This however changed in 2015 to a Net feed-in tariff. 

A Net feed-in tariff  means that the power generated by your solar system is first used in the home and the excess is sold back to PowerWater at the same rate it is purchased at. All installations since late 2015 have been on a Net FIT basis.

‘Gross’ feed-in tariff means that the consumer is paid for all the electricity generated by their renewable energy e.g. your solar photovoltaic system. In order to receive a gross feed-in tariff the consumer needs to have gross metering that can measure the ‘gross’ or total amount of electricity generated by their renewable energy source that is exported to the grid.

‘Net’ feed-in tariff means that the consumer is only paid/credited for the ‘net’ generated electricity they export to the national electricity grid from their renewable energy generator (not for the proportion of generated electricity they use themselves). In order to receive a ‘net’ feed-in tariff the consumer needs to have ‘net’ metering that can measure the net amount of generated electricity exported to the national electricity grid.

Domestic customers: 25.67 cents per kWh

For more information on Jacana Energy’s feed and tarrif and application fees.


Commercial flat rate: 29.87 cents per kWh

Commercial customers that install systems receive the higher commercial tariff from Jacana Energy

Commercial time of use customers:
Peak (6am – 6pm):          38.22 cents per kWh
Off-peak (6pm – 6am):    21.51 cents per kWh



PV Application fee

The PV fee covers the cost of your special metering requirements. Your fee may vary depending on your metering point set up and if additional inspections are required, i.e. the call out of a lines crew to attend your property.

Meter Type                   Fee
Single Phase Meter    $512.38

Three Phase Meter     $715.76

These costs are included in the official Country Solar NT quote.

How much Solar PV is my home approved for?

As of 1 June 1 2017, Power and Water  has re-assessed the maximum size that can be installed on a normal residential dwelling, the restrictions are now inverter based with single phase dwellings able to have a maximum grid connected inverter of 5KVA and for dwellings with a 3 phase connection a 7KVA is permitted. For larger size residential systems and application process applies.   There are also size limits set for commercial customers.


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