Z Cell – RedFlow

What is ZCell?

ZCell is a new type of battery with performance characteristics that make it ideally suited to store energy for your home or office.

The Australian-designed ZCell is an innovative flow battery that can deliver 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) of stored energy each day, harvesting energy from your solar panels or lower-cost off-peak power, for use when you need it.  About the size of an air-conditioning unit, ZCell is designed by ASX-listed company Redflow Limited (ASX:RFX), based on its core ZBM2 battery, which is operating at sites around the world including Australia, Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

Installing ZCell with an inverter as part of your energy management system can reduce your power costs, keep your lights on during grid power cuts and increase your energy independence.

What are the benefits of ZCell compared to other batteries?

  • ZCell delivers 100 per cent cycle depth of discharge without any risk of battery damage
  • ZCell retains its full 10 kWh of storage capacity for its warranted 10-year life, unlike other battery types which lose significant storage capacity with age
  • ZCell requires no reserved capacity, unlike other battery types that must reserve a portion of their storage capacity to avoid damage to the battery
  • ZCell presents no fire risk, its bromide-based electrolyte is a natural fire retardant while mechanical damage does not risk explosion, dangerously high current output from short-circuit or ‘thermal runaway’
  • ZCell operates at temperatures as hot as 50°C without active cooling
  • ZCell offers unlimited shelf life: You can switch off a ZCell at any state of charge, hibernate it for extended periods of time, and then restore it within 60 seconds
  • ZCell has a great recycling story, made with major components that are easy to recycle or reuse
  • ZCell is Australian-designed and developed.

On-grid or off grid energy storage: as ZCell is a modular system, it is straightforward to connect multiple ZCells to deliver more energy storage for larger homes or businesses. ZCell is a great battery choice for either AC or DC power, on-grid or off-grid storage energy systems, or a bit of both.

24/7 battery management allows you to use an easy web-based browser via smartphone or PC to set up, monitor, and control your ZCell. It also reports battery status and operational information that lets your AC inverter/ charger optimise use of the energy stored in your ZCell.

Why ZCell?

  • ZCell delivers 100% cycle depth of discharge, without any battery damage or reserve capacity required.
  • ZCell can be used on-grid and off-grid & multiple ZCells can be connected for larger homes or businesses.
  • ZCell retains its full 10kWh of storage capacity for its warranted lifetime.
  • ZCell enables you to buy energy ‘low’ and consume when ‘high’ – during peak demand price periods.
  • ZCell offers an unlimited shelf life & can switch off & hibernate at any state of charge, for extended periods of time.
  • ZCell allows the storage and shifting of renewables for anytime use.
  • Australian designed and developed ZCell components are recyclable or reusable