Off Grid Solar or Stand Alone Power Systems(SAPS) – Darwin

A purpose built off grid system designed for your needs is no longer out of reach. Stand Alone power systems can run your whole house and then some with the use of today’s advanced solar equipment and batteries. This scenario is further increased with properties that don’t have a grid connection or one that is unstable resulting in reduced fossil fuel costs and generator maintenance.

What makes an off grid or “stand alone battery system” (SAPS)

Off Grid Solar

Off Grid “SAPS” battery system

  • Solar PV
  • Inverter/s
  • Batteries
  • Controllers
  • Generator

Why go off grid

  • When the grid is to far or not feasible for a connection
  • Connection costs are too high
  • Cost of fossil fuels for electricity supply is an burden or unreliable

For a detailed custom “off Grid” solar PV system call Country Solar NT https://www.countrysolarnt.com.au/contact/

Building permits for installation of Photovoltaic panels onto roofs are required under building Advisory Committee – Policy No BAC/2011/001. All work is to current Australian Standards. For more information please contact Country Solar NT for a quote.