Solar Inverter’s

The Solar inverter is the heart, muscle and brains of the solar system. It is a sophisticated piece of electrical equipment that is responsible for:

  • Conversion of DC current (produced by the solar panels) to AC current which can be used within your home or exported to the grid.
  • Controlling the voltage of the system to extract the maximum power available (referred to as maximum power point tracking).
  • Reporting on the solar system’s performance (either on screen, via bluetooth or via the internet)

The three types or families of inverters are String Inverters, central inverter with DC-DC optimsed panels and Micro inverters

For each of these types there are numerous brands. At Country Solar NT we only use the world market leaders & innovators.

String Inverters:

Stings inverters are where solar industry began and are still one of the fastest ways to get a great return on your investment. They are simple, proven and ideal for unshaded roof conditions with no more than two aspects available for solar panel installation. MPPT(max Power Point Tracking) , DC-AC inversiona and DC-DC conversion is permformed in one central unit. This unit is typically hung on the wall next the homes meter box.



Micro Inverters:

Micro Inverters are located under the individual solar panels and perform the function of DC-AC conversion under the respective solar panel. This allos for each individual panel to perform at its optimum and negates the effect of shading on the PV system.

There are now many solar inverter manufacturers on the market but only a very limited number stand out:

Here are some of the recommended manufacturers of class leading products;

SMA logo

Unquestionably the world’s leader in solar inverters in terms of volume and quality. Fully designed and manufactured in Germany, SMA sets the benchmark for solar inverters in the residential, commercial and utility solar markets.

Infinite Energy is one of Australia’s largest installers of SMA Sunny Boy inverters.


Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius has been developing and innovating power electronics since 1945. Fronius is an expert in controlling and monitoring energy across three divisions: Welding, Battery Charging Systems and Solar Electronics.

With operations spanning the globe Fronius serves the Australian market through a subsidiary in Melbourne which includes a local warehouse, technical support, a repair centre as well as a sales organization. Global experience combined with strong local support thus ensure premium quality and reliability.


Enphase Energy is the world’s leading microinverter systems provider, pursuing unique, high-tech innovations to continually advance the performance and intelligence of residential and commercial solar energy systems. Enphase provides the world’s most advanced microinverter technology.