Solar Panels

Solar panels are the primary part of a solar power system. They make up the largest component of the cost of a system and are the primary contributor to performance.

Country Solar has access to the entire solar panel market and is not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer. We will recommend the best solar panels for our commercial customers and provide you with our reasoning. Here is an insight into how we go about selecting solar panels to recommend to our clients:

Solar Panel Assessment Criteria

  1. Is the panel manufactured by a “Tier 1″ brand name Solar manufacturer?

    Be very wary if a solar installation company doesn’t specify the brand of panel to be supplied. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the manufacturer and the model, and solar is no different. Likewise, if you are actually provided with the name of the panel but you cant find information easily online, reconsider the purchase. There’s a plethora of information available online about panels made by the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers.

    Large scale solar farms around the world only source solar panels from large “Tier 1″ solar manufacturers and you should follow their lead.

  2. Does the Solar panel manufacturer have a significant Australian presence?

    Be wary of local solar retailers importing panels directly from overseas. In the case of a future malfunction, you’ll have very little warranty support if the retailer is not around anymore. Country Solar does import panels directly from overseas – we only source solar panels from manufacturers who have a significant presence in Australia which provides you with multiple levels of warranty support.

  3. Has the Solar Panel demonstrated superior performance in Australian conditions?

    We also use data from respected solar industry publication Photon Magazine.

Solar Panel

Whilst Country Solar can source most panels on the market we believe these panels stand out as superior for the tough top end climate. Here is a comparison:

JA logologo-REC Winaico
Manufacturers presence in Australia
Warranty and service
green_tick1green_tick1 green_tick1
Country of manufactureChinaSingapore
(Designed in Norway)
Product Warranty10 years12 years 15 years
Power Tolerance
Indicates the output range for individual panels
0/+5w0/+5W 0/+5W
Temperature Co-efficient
How much a panel will de-rate in heat – the lower the better
-0.39%-0.37% -0.38%
Cyclonic TestingYesYes Yes
Performance Warranty25 Years Linear25 Years Linear 25 Years Linear


An Australian Presence:

  • Manufactured by a large reputable internal company with significant presence in Australia.
  • Manufacturer has a warranty process and service support that is accessible in Australia.

Quality Assurance:

  • Country Solar is satisfied that there are stringent quality control processes and procedures.