Residential Solar System Sizes

Country Solar NT can provide you with a solution to all your residential solar power and energy storage needs. We can design, supply, and install a customised solar system based specifically on your household consumption.

Solar products are getting smarter with high efficiency panels and remote monitored energy management inclusive. Being in charge of your energy use has never been easier.

We know that purchasing a solar system can be a big decision and with the wide range in products at time the information can be confusing. With your needs in mind we take pride in offering our clients a no pressure, consultative, and informative approach to help them understand what is involved in installing a solar system and the associated benefits.

We can accommodate any budget or finance a solution for your needs. All our systems are manufactured to the highest international performance and reliability standards and are backed by extended warranties.  Furthermore, all our system installers are fully licensed and accredited by Australia’s Clean Energy Council which guarantees you will receive the highest quality service standards.

In the Northern Territory a 2kW solar system made up about half of all the solar systems ever sold in Australia. That’s because up until 2013, the maximum solar rebate you could receive was for a 1.5kW system. However, thanks to rebate changes, current rebates for solar systems don’t differ according to size. As a result, 1.5kW are rarely sold and are significantly less commonly installed now than five years ago.